Near the lake, by the woods, in town, making luxury a little more affordable

Near the lake, by the woods, in town, making luxury a little more affordable

Ames Modular Builders serves Michigan’s Northwestern Lower Peninsula. We are very pleased and proud to announce our partnership with Stratford Modular Homes.


I have been in the business of building homes my entire adult life. My experience has shown that for custom, scattered lot construction, the modular home produces among of the finest quality IRC homes available in the country. 

A note about “custom”

There are two legitimate definitions of the term custom as it applies to home building.

  1.  Custom Home: a home built by a contractor for an owner on land owned by the owner.
  2.  Custom Home: a home built to specifications unique to the designer or buyer. One of a kind.

My name is Josh Margulies and I am president of Ames Modular Builders.


Modular Home Construction is the use of prefabricated, wood frame components built in a factory and transported to job site whey they are permanently affixed to an existing block or poured concrete foundation purpose built to receive them. These homes are built to the same International Residential Codes required across North America.


  • Quicker building cycle, i.e. 4 months versus 14 months.
  • Superior control of quality inherent in the factory process, far less waste.
  • Better protection, more efficient use of and control over all building materials
  • Superior structural integrity.
  • Superior energy efficiency.

Why Ames Modular builders?

I am a full service general contractor. I do turnkey work only.  The Buyer does no work in my contracts. I am, at all times, the sole responsible individual for the home building effort. I am the person that applies for and acquires your building permit and I am the person that must acquire your course of the build and I am compelled to be responsible for, and oversee all aspects of, the work. I work with the Buyer only, they work with me only.  I do not remodel, renovate, or refinish any existing home. That is, I do not do home improvement work at all. I work exclusively in new construction. I will demolish an old home to replace it with a new one.


MI NW Lower Peninsula

Schedule An Appointment

The point at which it is appropriate to start a serious dialogue with any custom home builder is AFTER you have acquired a lot, have funding or financing available and a realistic budget within which they want to stay.  If you have a design you’d like an estimate please send it to me.  However, if you are serious about building a custom home, call me.  I have an office in Traverse City.  We should sit down and talk.

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If you are early in the process, call or email anytime.

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